Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Raja And Kani - Secret Meetings @ A short Report

I came to know via a news paper that Former Minister of Communications Department Raja and kanimazhi met and discussed many time about the allocation of spectrum in  his office, house. At that time with  Kanimozhi other officers like Sanjay Chandra, Vinod Goenka and Shahid palva were also there for the discussion about spectrum. This message has been taken from the witness Aasivatham who acted as former Additional Private Secretary to Raja. He was produced in the court and this message has been recorded there.
AK Singh has cross-examined Aasirvatham at the hearing of spectrum case on Nov 11 in Dehli.

He said that Raja also met kani several timesin his office and there will be a personel discussion between them . Likewise, Raja also often met at his house . In that discussion some time Sarath Kumar will also participate. In this meet they discussed about starting of a private channel etc and to broadcast in tatasky. Some audiotape was also taken as a avidence in this case.

Radia was also involved a lot in this matter. In a tape his voice also been recorded and produced in court. It was also been confirmed by himself that it is his voice only. Moreover, Unitech company director Sanjay Chandra,Shahid palva and Vinod Goenka were also arrested in the case as they were predicted to be involved in "2 G 'spectrum scam. Because they used to meet Raja many time at his office when he was Minister of Environment and Forest. They met Raja and discussed many matters about their business these statment were given by Aasirvatham.

Ramjetmalani  also interrogated Aasirvathem and asked how many of them are invoned in this 2 G case. He said - i know kani and Raja only and I cand indentify others . Then he was asked with a question that " In 2 G 'case on how many people have been charged? He said - I don know . So there is still a confussion. He also said i was released from this post and on october i joined in railway industry.

Why all are thinking that kani and Raja will always discuss only about 2g scam.. ?

with love,

kongupuyal CKR